Discover the Magic of Paddleboarding at Blue Spring State Park

Jessica Meinhofer, owner of Walk and Paddle, sitting on her paddleboard look out onto the water at Blue Spring State Park Spring Run. The phot was taken from the person on the paddleboard next to her's.

Do you love to paddle on clear, cool waters? Want to see turtles and unique fish while you float above a spring flowing at 70 million gallons per day? 

Then Blue Spring State Park is for you! It’s an excellent place for a first paddle but has enough nearby areas to challenge you as your ability grows. It’s one of those places you can visit repeatedly and have a different but still stunning experience each time.

I’ll share route options for beginner, intermediate, and expert paddleboarders. I also offer suggestions for apps, gear, and the best times to visit. Please note that the Blue Spring Run is closed to water activity effective April 2024. I have modified the routes to skip the spring run.

From Theme Parks to Nature Trails: Central Florida’s Best-Kept Secrets for Family Hikes 

View of Spruce Creek and surrounding mangroves taken from a boardwalk on a bright and sunny January day in Florida.

Ready to trade theme park hustle and bustle for a quieter nature retreat? Head 45 minutes north, hit the trails, and discover the authentic beauty of Florida!

I’ve curated a list of my 10 favorite places where you and your family can explore trails and walking paths suitable for ages five and up. Whether you’re strolling, walking, or wheeling with strollers or wheelchairs, there’s something for everyone.

Being a local, I’ve grown up here and am now raising my family in this vibrant community. Over the years, my family and I have ventured through these trails, going from strollers and baby carriers to now keeping up with our energetic older kids. 

Join us in rediscovering our beloved hikes and uncovering new ones – it’s a journey through nature for every age and stage!

Discover the Wild Side: A Guide to Hiking in Florida

Two children run down a hiking trail at Lyonia Preserve.

Hiking in Florida is a unique experience. It’s a wild place, a land of sand, lakes, springs, sinkholes, underwater caves, beaches, and wildlife. There are also surprising areas with waterfalls, caverns, rocky coastlines, rapids, and coral reefs. And you can discover them all!

A Family Adventure Awaits: Discover the 14 Best Things to Do with Kids at Blue Spring State Park

Manatees taking shelter in the Blue Spring Run to avoid cold water during the winter.

Immerse yourself in the trails, enjoy a picnic, observe wildlife, and see if the park lives up to all the hype. Blue Spring State Park caters to visitors of all kinds, offering engaging activities for both day trips and extended stays. An added bonus is its accessibility—wheelchair, walker, and stroller-friendly!

Reflecting on my own childhood, I fondly remember visiting Blue Spring State Park with my parents. Its proximity to our home made it a budget-friendly and enjoyable outing. 

As a parent, I continue the tradition of bringing my family to this versatile park. Whether as day visitors, on educational field trips, or enjoying camping experiences—be it in tents or RVs—we have created cherished memories during our numerous visits. 

In this post, I’ll detail all the family-friendly activities you can enjoy at Blue Spring State Park.

Paddleboarding 101: 13 Things Every New Paddleboarder Needs to Know

Jessica, owner of Walk and Paddle, and her son paddleboarding on Blue Spring Run in Blue Spring State Park in Orange City, Florida.

Have you ever wondered how those Baywatch-looking paddlers stay on their paddleboards and don’t fall off? 

Yeah, I used to wonder about that, too. Then we started paddleboarding and learned a lot about the sport. 

Now, we can stand, talk about the best boards for beginners, and stay safe on the water. 

We also know the best places to go and how to paddle with kids, pets, and those with mobility needs.