Inspiration and guidance to help you find your outside

Explore the beauty of nature at your pace, on your terms, no matter where you’re starting from.


Inside, looking out?

You’re in the right place if:
You value making memories over summiting 14ers
You dream of budget-friendly escapes the whole family can enjoy
You don’t want your physical or mental barriers to stop you from exploring

Adventure is for everyone

Why focus on the summit when you can enjoy every step along the way? Natural beauty isn’t limited to rugged trails or roaring rapids. We celebrate the simple, the accessible, and the joy of uncomplicated experiences.

Less is More

It doesn’t take an epic adventure to make waves. Every journey matters.

Start Now

Don’t wait to enjoy the moments that fit your life and everyone in it.

Revive Body & Mind

Rediscover your strength with the healing power of nature.

Cancer survivor? Me too.

As a longtime lover of the outdoors, I thought I’d hit the trails straight from chemo. I was wrong.

My journey from full-time RVing with my family to battling cancer and discovering my “new normal” outdoors taught me that adventure doesn’t stop when life gets messy. It just looks different.

Whatever your age, ability, or circumstances, there’s a path for you to explore outside. Let’s help you find it.

Jessica Meinhofer / Puerto Rican mom, wife, and former mile-counter

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